Simple Gameplay,
Intellectual Challenge

Word puzzle game to expand your vocabulary and to train your mind.

This word puzzle game offers challenge to your erudition and logic skills. It is based on the Mastermind (or Bulls and Cows) mechanics. You have to guess which word is hidden - it's a modern word version of the old code-breaking mind game. The secret word must be a real English word, a noun. It also must be an isogram: its letters must be all different. You may play with 4-letter or 5-letter words.
You try to guess the word and after each try you get the number of matches. If the matching letters are in their right positions, they are "bulls", if in different positions, they are "cows".

Example. Secret word: BRAIN.
Your try: BRIDE. You get 2 "bulls" for B and R plus 1 "cow" for I. Next turn, you may try PRIDE and get 1 bull, 1 cow. The only change was P instead of B, and you got 1 bull less. So you find that the first B must be a bull, a letter in the right position. How many tries will you need to discover the secret word?
Find patterns, notice similarities and coincidences, recall right words to test your ideas, use anagrams to see the difference. This all sharpens your mind!
Sometimes a secret word may be a rare one or a term from a specific field.

So you may expand your active vocabulary,
promote your knowledge and erudition.
But, first of all, this is fun! Enjoy the triumph when you win! Experience the thrill as you approach your goal! Shout "Eureka" and watch the fireworks!
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Earn Crowns and Coins to Buy Hints
Play to improve your vocabulary and logical skills now!
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